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Roots for Zimbabwe

Growing sustainable communities, one family at a time.


Join us in transforming a beautiful community near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.



Our chickens produce nearly 200 eggs per day. These eggs are sold to locals as well as given to children and their families who suffer from severe malnutrition.

Hope Training Center

In the communities we work, generational prostitution has been uncovered. Young children are brought up in the family trade of selling their bodies to provide for their basic needs. We want to offer a way out. Learn more about Hope Training Center and how you can join the movement.



Holding the tension of sustainability and relief, we empower families through education, nutrition, and health by working together with local partners.



Egg a Day

We know that in order for kids to learn in school, they need protein.


Run for Nutrition

Walking 10km a day with little food to school is often the norm. 


Covid Relief

Providing food during crisis.

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