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Our mission at Roots for Zimbabwe is to empower families through education, nutrition, and health by working together with local partners. We fulfill this mission through a chicken coop, educational sponsorships, and the Mental Health Initiative. We acknowledge the tension of sustainability and relief in a developing country and make choices that support our mission and values.

The Chicken Coop

The children and families we support with nutrition are struggling to have their basic needs met. Shelter is inadequate, there is no access to clean water, and their food source is uncertain. For $25 a month, 150 eggs are purchased from the Roots for Zimbabwe Coop at Fruitful Harvest! At Fruitful Harvest, you are not only feeding people who are hungry but you are also supporting a sustainable business that supports locals.

Educational Sponsorships

Do you want to partner with a family in Zimbabwe by providing life changing education costs for a child? When you join our sponsorship program, you are not only changing the life of one child but you are changing a community.

Mental Health Initiative 

In honor of Shelton Banda, a Lighthouse Christian Academy student, who passed away due to mental health issues in 2018, Roots for Zimbabwe, is joining efforts to assist in the development of a social work program at Lighthouse Christian Academy. 

Students at LCA live in extreme poverty, struggling to have their basic needs met. For these kids, school is their safe place. 

Your partnership helps employee a school social worker and assist in efforts to maintain Lighthouse as a much needed place of refuge.

Chicken Coop
Educational Sponsorships
Mental Health
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